Speakeasy Studios

Speakeasy Studio is a private recording facility designed to write and produce music. It has been active for over 7 years and it has been the home for important projects such as Vasco Rossi’s last 3 albums and The Lonely Island’s latest multi-million You Tube phenomena YOLO !
It resides in a 1930 actual Speakeasy. The Speakeasy Rooms back in the time of alcohol prohibition where private lounges where people would get together and secretly drink and party. Evenings were often filled with music of live bands and once in a while they were raided and closed by authorities.
When I first saw this room I simply fell in love with it, felt the old vibe as still one could hear the vibration of people having a good time despite the law and music was still in the air…
I transformed the old wood bar, which is still kept with the original paintings on the walls, into the iso booth for vocals.  All the equipment it’s from my old Sage Studio, including the MCI JH-636 recording board, the Neve mic-pres, the custom built LA2Rome valve compressors, the vintage 1176, Eft compressors and EQ, DBX, Focusrite, Marti, Drawmer and Neve compressor, a large variety of microphones including a state of the art Sony C-800g and of course a selection of fine vintage guitars, basses, keys and amps.
Speakeasy Studios has already recorded artists of the caliber of Ricky Martin, Vasco Rossi, Club Dogo, Elisa, Negrita, Robbie Wyckoff, Gregg Dulli, Tiromancino, Doyle Bramhall II and has guested personalities such as Eddy Kramer, Joe Chiccarelli and of course 6 degrees… Kevin Bacon!
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