This page is dedicated to Independent  projects and artists which I have developed, whose music is not largely available in retail stores.
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Amana Melome’ is a Soul Reggae singer songwriter which I had the pleasure to  meet in LA a few years ago. Her first album Indigo Red got great reviews world wide and was the first CD ever sold at a Whole Foods supermarket ! Eventually became commercially available in Europe thru Irma Records.

Her second album features an incredible cast with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, John Beasley and Alex Alessandroni, jr. on keys, Lenny Castro and Rafael Padilla on percussion, Simone Sello, Robbie Angelucci and myself on guitars, Reggie Hamilton on upright bass, Paul Buckmaster arranged and directed the live strings and I played electric bass.

It was recorded at Henson Studios and of course at Speakeasy Studios by Mike Tacci and mix by Miguel Lara and myself at Speakeasy.

It is available on CD Baby and I-tunes.

Soup is an eclectic project without boundaries! Back in the old days of Sage Studio in the hot summer nights in the Valley there was always a flow of amazing musicians, some famous, some just landed in LA, coming and going… All my friends knew that at any point a pasta party might start and after a bottle of wine or two and a couple of pounds of freshly cooked spaghetti a spontaneous jam would start! Among regulars of this hang were my great friends Vinnie Colaiuta and Marcello Cosenza.

At one point the three of us took this a step further and with collaboration of many guest musicians we created SOUP ! A creative blend of music styles, some with vocals, some instrumentals. Some introspective short pieces and some free longer jams… harmonious and dissonant, odd and even, from 8 to Infinite!

This album won’t disappoint you if you are driving up the coast or if you are cooking in your kitchen ! Also available on CD Baby and I-tunes.

I was introduce to Fabio Mittino by Saturnino while recording the Jovanotti album Safari. He told me there was this guy in Milan who was spending weeks in adapting on guitar the music of Gurdjieff and De Hartmann.

I found this to be an incredible endeavor as I know how complex that music is and also the fact that up till then I only had heard that on piano, so I contacted him and asked to hear some.

Well I was blown away ! So without even meeting in person after a brief phone call we agreed on doing this album. Resonance is a unique testimony of how effort united with will, determination, study and self remembering can bring to amazing results.

This CD contains also an original composition from Fabio which makes me want to produce another album of his work… Available on CD Baby and I-tunes.


Finally after 25 years from the break up of my first band   Astaroth I was   proud to produce this full length CD containing songs we wrote between 1985 and 1987.

This band is considered legendary in Italy due to the fact that we were probably among the first ones to ever play Heavy Metal over there and we had an extensive career recording and touring in Europe.

True progressive speed metal and classic heavy metal songs recorded at Henson Recording Studios and Speakeasy Studios and mixed by Mike Tacci at Henson in the very same room where Metallica’s Black Album was mixed!

I had a blast revisiting all these songs and I must say I am quite impressed with the results and the media response for this project. Available on CD Baby and I-tunes.